Hi & Welcome to my personal training website, South Bay Area Personal Training. My name is Justin Cordeiro, one of the top personal trainers in San Jose. I started my private personal training career, South Bay Area Personal Training, in 2010. I have 6+ years of experience in personal training and well over 15,000 personal training sessions under my belt. I train clients at a private personal training studio in San Jose. I also do in home and mobile personal training throughout the South Bay.

The number one question that I get is how are you going to get me to my fitness goals? A simple formula by creating a plan and giving my clients all the tools they need to achieve their goals. I create a diet plan, exercise program, off-day exercise program, differentiation of exercises, and always making sure proper form is being executed. A diet plan is 85% of the battle when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle mass, firming & toning, or bodybuilding. Each diet plan is tailored per client. The diet plans are given in macro nutrients per meal that are easy to follow. Supplying client’s with off-day workout plans is important because each client should be working out outside of personal training. Differentiation of exercises and changing up the exercise routine is so important. Doing the same workouts repeatedly will result in a plateau and it will be hard to keep getting results. Maintaining proper form in every exercise is so crucial.

Included in Your Personal Traning

Listening and Executing Real Body Results

I have witnessed a good amount of personal trainers give the same workout to a client who is trying to gain muscle  and a client who wants to lose weight. Listening to my clients goals is important to help me achieve YOUR goals! I train some clients want to focus on certain muscle groups in their body. As YOUR personal trainer I will listen to what you have to say whether it’s a positive comment or a negative gesture about your body changing. Listening and coming up with a plan for you, as my client, is key. After we have a plan we’ll execute OUR plan, with hard work, discipline, proper weight lifting form, and educating you on healthy diet.

Personal Training Programs

Choosing a personal training program that fits your schedule can be tough. I offer a few different types of personal training programs for my clientele that will help cater to your busy life schedule.
  • Solo 60 Minute Personal Training Session
  • Solo 30 Minute Personal Training Session
  • Couple/Buddy 60 Minute Personal Training Session
  • Couple/Buddy 30 Minute Personal Training Session
  • In Home & Mobile Personal Training Session
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